Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brief look at fencer types

Current reigning fencer/blademaster king of forbidden city, DaFozz.
+30 bow, GM shock dragon, GM rings x2, GM cape, dragon set 4/4 missing chest piece so far though and 2x book of healing 5/5 talismans from a small GM tier.
A blademaster, much can be learned from his example.

Fencer is one of the most complicated classes, there are many ways to build fencers, but they do fall into 2 types.

Uses bows/crossbows/dual short swords.
Focus is on physical damage but has dex as highest multiplier on most skills, except for steel ring slice which requires str.
It is recommended to go for dex primary stat with str as secondary stat.
High attack speed, high crit, high dodge.
Relies on high damaging deathblows + auto attack in between deathblow barrages.
The most common type of fencer, so recommended over imperial guard

Imperial Guard
Can use bows/crossbows/dual short swords
Focus is on souls, fire arrows or fire cleaves etc
Is mainly int/will based
Can buff well, both players and soldiers
An underused class at the moment, but seems to have potential
Better healing skills
Has many ways to build and unfortunately not well understood at present

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