Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brief look at warrior types

A common question is, what does each class actually do, this is especially important starting at level 120 when you must choose a 2nd class.
First, we'll start with brief overview of warriors.
Warriors have 3 main weapons, they are short sword, polearm and heavy weapon.

The 3 weapons
Short sword + shield

Short sword warriors specialise in slash damage based skills
They are the true tanks in the game + have weakest dmg of all warriors.
Boss farming king
Can learn 3 stuns, vital point stab/shield attack/sneak attack

Polearm + buckler

Specialist in stab damage.
Uses a buckler
Is like a hybrid between short/shield and axe warrior.
Can learn 2 stuns only, shield attack/sneak attack

Heavy Weapon

Highest damaging warrior
Lowest defense warrior, can farm baima/huainan bosses with alot of skill and +20 gear but is definitely harder compared to a polearm/buckler or a short/shield.
Uses two hands, so cannot equip shield/buckler/charm, this means you lose an item to enchant defense % on, making your defense lower by a potential 32% def enchant.
Can learn 2 stuns, sneak attack/shockwave and 1 paralyze which is knee strike
Specialist in crush based damage

As for 2nd class changes
short/shield-----> Fang captain
Heavy or polearm --->Tiger captain

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