Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tact stats/talents

Offensive magic based
Int 100
Will 80
Con 70
Cha 100
Fire/evil based
can remove elemental secrets to add 10 to rockfall for the stun effect instead, its recommended to do so.
 Fire/evil/ranged based
the ranged is not necessary can be replaced for anything else but, its added to give more variety, in the case someone is immune to fire keg or stonefall, you can use hidden arrow for ranged dmg, for quite some time range tacts have been unpopular so it can surprise people and deal dmg when you might normally not be able to do so.
 Spirit/evil based
if it wasnt for the fact spirit is the most highly guarded element ever because spirit magics on tact and conj are extremely powerful, this would be a great build.
Healing/deathblow based + fire keg
Its also possible to have no int at all to have higher con and will power, which leads to stronger heals and deathblows but rely more on your soldiers for dps but then you wont have a skill to spam for damage, like powder keg which makes up for your low int by getting lots of critical hits due to talent.

Int 70
Will 90
Con 90
Cha 100

A few notes
The above talent distributions are a guide but the best possible talent distributions depend on your own playing style too, you will find all the best players use non-standard talent builds because they like to specialise differently or boost dmg in a certain way which is unorthodox, for example, scholar with spirit break blow talent maxed is considered a very bad idea, but someone i know does very well with it because that extra tiny dmg boost on it, is enough to deal the final amount of dmg to get the kill on several targets.
So its an example of a personalised talent build that is normally bad but works better than a standard build for him.

Deploy soldiers
20 cha talent, necessary if you plan to have soldiers

Offensive/defensive strategy
Not really recommended for a scholar, only 10 dmg gained for 10 talent points, although its nice to have a boost for soldiers its really not worth it to get static passives, % based passives ot special effects are superior.
Nice to have both maxed on a strategist as you can stack both atk and def passives with balanced strategy.

Elemental secrets/charging/skill drills
static passives giving a small 20ish type dmg increase to certain magics which are fine if you have nowhere else to put points, but best avoided in favour of % based or special effect passives.

Healing tree
Should be maxed even if you are a scholar, as you rely on strong self heals to stay alive in pvp or kw plus giving you some use as a support healer should there be not strategist present or a second healer required.

Deathblow tree
Only a strategist should be getting deathblows, they are reliant on your will power stat and also a scholar cannot level deathblows past level 120, so they will be weak compared to other skills making them useless except perhaps using spirit break blow to deal a final instant cast hit.

Most tact aoes are different in their use, not just their elements.
For example, lightning aoe is used on a target and the lightning will hit anyone else around the target, thus its actually useful for hitting a moving target as it will not miss aslong as you are in range of the target.
Bombardment/Ice arrow rain aoe is a ground target aoe, you will target the ground instead of players, making it hard to use on moving targets but able to land it on boss mobs and players at a gate or statue.
Tempest is an aoe that uses yourself as the centre and it requires no target to cast it, so only hits things next to you in a 360 degree area, like Xiahou Yuan AoE.
Taichi shock hits in front of you only and requires no target.

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