Saturday, January 29, 2011

GM enchanted items

A small compilation of GM enchanted items, there are others but these are the main important ones that you will see all the ap whores using now, or in the past.

A talisman 5/5 enchant slots, usually not possible to get unless crafted in the past, although crafting is now restricted to a 4/4 maximum.

Shock dragon itself is a rare mount from mount mystery box before with a base 220 speed boosted to 270 by GM, also its not possible to enchant dmg% or def % enchants on mounts, nor is it possible to enchant this much dmg % on anything else in the game, one of the most overpowered items available.
A tunic with 10% dodge and 8x5% enchants, making it the equivalent of a perfectly enchanted tunic with great dodge.
Extremely overpowered ring, one of the most imbalanced items in the game, having almost double the defense enchants that is possible on a crafted 5/5 ring
A powerful ring with 10%x4 defense magic enchants, this the equivalent of perfectly enchanted ring, with the exception that rings normally cant enchant magic, only physical.
 GM cape with 8% x4 enchants, making this a perfectly enchanted 4/4 cloak with some additional stats, popular mostly due to looking very nice compared to other cloaks, not considered overpowered, just strong and nice looks.
Although its normally not possible to enchant physical defense on a cloak, its normally exclusively magic, so the GM physical enchants on it make it unique.

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