Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warrior stats/talents

Recommended stat/talent distributions

Short/shield types
note: sneak attack for short shield is unnecessary if you have vital point, because its only 4 second cooldown, you can do vital point+shield bash then vital point again, but it can be useful to have the 3rd stun especially if you are using tiger set to increase the stun duration of sneak attack.

Boss farming tanker short/shield warrior with all 3 stuns for pvp
Str 80
Con 150

Short sword focus pvp oriented 3 stuns
Con 120
Heavy weapon 2 stuns 1 paralyze
Con 120
Polarm/buckler 2 stuns with maxed spear line
Con 120
Every build should have maxed intimdation, because a warrior is usually melee character but for long range is relies on halberd throw+intimidation spam to deal damage.
Normally intimidation will do say only 600 dmg, but with talent it will hit a 2nd time, the 2nd hit is approximately 2000dmg for example but its 100% crush based, although this depends on your own attack power, but its an example of what i have been able to get with a good weapon.
Thus, although not very strong, its used to keep the pressure up on the opponent while chasing them down, also it has the bonus of intimidation+halberd throw being mp using skills only, with no chi requirement.

Herbal knowledge
A 15% boost to healing from healing items, not that popular but in my opinion essential because 15% healing may not seem like much at first, but it adds up for each healing item used.
For example peach will heal 3,000 normally but 3,450 with talent and once we get the new 3,600 healing AP meds it will be 4,140hp healed per med, same with the foods that heal over time, so you can quickly achieve large bonuses of hp healed, which is important on a tank like a warrior because although its possible to have 15-20k hp, its hard to heal it all back up even with just peaches and meditation and chi transfer.

Although not 100% necessary, its nice to have the bonus heal and +10 will stat point because as mentioned before its hard to keep your health up as a warrior.

Renewal knack
Another healing skill but this time completely passive, the more hp you have, the more the skill will heal, it says 500hp healed is the max, but in reality its not it has healed over 700hp every few seconds for me.
The great thing about this skill is, its completely automatic free healing, which is great for pvp and pve and also its great for when you suddenly afk and stay in the middle of some mobs, they will hit you but you wont die as you self heal.

Sneak attack
Best used on an axe or polarm if you want the extra stun in addition to shockwave which has a long cooldown compared to vital point stab and shield strike.
Short/shield isnt necessary to have it since it has a 4 sec cooldown vital point stab, which is spammable if used in conjunction with shield strike, well not spammable since you cant really spam chi required skills much.
Also this is kind of useless if you're not using a tiger set, which increases the duration of the stun, otherwise its only a 1 second stun, which is too short.

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